Terrace Talk: Cocktail Hour

Cocktail 2

Terrace Talk is a weekly column that looks at the Mavericks through the eyes of the fan.

When I heard that  Monta Ellis and Shawn Marion would be playing bartenders at an On The Border Restaurant, it got me thinking, ‘What sorts of cocktails would be assigned to each Maverick?’

I let the idea settle for a bit but after sitting through that shellacking last night against Golden State (and having a few cocktails of my own) I couldn’t help but put this thought into action.  I tried to work in different elements of their games with each drink.  Cheers!

Editor’s note: Mark Followill is a fan of the project Gallagher has pursued. I’m honestly not sure how Followill is able to keep track of everything during a game AND check Twitter. I should probably stop doubting and just believe he’s the best in the world. Anyway, back to Followill supporting Gallagher.


Introducing The 2013-2014 Dallas Mavericks Cocktail Menu


Montarita –  (tequila, triple sec, all the lime juice you can find)

One shot of the Montarita and you’ll be asking for more.  It doesn’t matter where you are in the bar, you just need to have more and more shots of this fast acting drink.  Like Monta, it can occasionally come on the rocks.  Remember, once it gets going, it’s really hard to stop the Montarita.

Bloody Marion (vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, piri piri sauce, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and celery salt)

This is a hardworking, reliable drink to get you through any day.  Have one Bloody Marion in the morning and you’re set.  Don’t ask us why, but there’s something about the drink that just works.  Like Marion’s shot, it’s hideous and makes absolutely no sense but it manages to do the job.

Jello-Carter-Shots - (jello, rum)

Remember high school?  Like Vince, this drink is sure to take you back to those high flying, 360, head spinning nights.

Long Brandan Iced Tea – (triple sec, sour mix, cola and gin or tequila or rum)

The Long Brandan Iced Tea is cold, long and always ready to be put down in the alley (oop).  Like Brandan with Vince, Devin or Monta, this drink works really well with a variety of different types of alcohol.

Jae-ger Bomb  – (Jagermeister, beer, Red Bull)

Get ready to be messed up.  Like Crowder, this bad boy is fine to experiment with but if you’re looking to score I’d stay as far away from the Jae-ger Bomb as possible.  You’ll come out looking preeeetty sloppy.

Devin Driver – (orange juice, vodka)

Bad day?  Let the Devin Driver come in and settle things down for you.  Like Devin Harris, the Devin Driver is there to refresh your energy and bring you to life.

Fadeberry Dirkuiri – (rum, juice, ice, sugar, holy water)

If you’re looking for a killer good time, this is where it’s at.  Putting down a Fadeberry Dirkquiri is like going on a vacation to heaven.  Like Dirk, there is literally nothing wrong with this drink but the acid in the juice may cause you to not enjoy it much longer… due to age.  For the love of everything good in this world, enjoy it while you can.



The Have It All Cocktail (whiskey, rum, gin, tequila, beer, red whine, moonshine, cola, coffee, maple syrup, mouth wash)

Pretty much any type of liquid within a half mile radius is going in the Have It All Cocktail.