Formal Address (I)

Here is the quote board for president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson prior to the 2014 draft.

On Tyson returning:

“It gives us a shot-blocker, rebounder and someone that’s certainly familiar with the system. Great guy in the locker room, running mate with Dirk, franchise center. Gives us one of the better frontlines in the league. I’m just so happy to have him back. Obviously the on the court stuff is what everybody sees. Certainly there’s history there with Dirk and Rick and our franchise. But I really can’t put into words what he brings in terms of the integrity and a fox for a teammate. Every practice with a guy like Tyson Chandler just takes a whole step up, and we’re just fortunate and blessed to have him back.”

On how hard it was to see Tyson leaving in 2011:

“It was hard. We all bleed, we all went through some real nailed contemplations and it was gut-wrenching because you know when you have a guy like that you understand how special guys like are to your franchise.

There was a lot of things that were reported – some accurate, some not. We did make an effort to keep him here and I think him being in a position to do something a little bit more long-term was in his and his agent’s best interest, and we’re just blessed and lucky to have him back and we’re looking forward to a very exciting year.”

On what Raymond Felton gives the Mavericks:

“It gives us some real nice punch at the point. Whether it’s a starter or backup, that’s a Rick decision. He’s is one of those guys that give sit to you on both ends. I think that he can slide equally as well back-n-forth. He’s got a big body. He can guard ones and some twos. Terrific energy and a guy that I think will give us some nice versatility at the point guard position.”

On what Tyson does to the culture of the team:

“We really work hard at culture and chemistry – Dirk certainly makes that easier. And as you know through the history since Mark’s owned the Mavericks we’ve been blessed in that department. As so when you have a guy like Tyson, he fills a significant void. Like I said it’s not just the things that everyone sees on the floor. It’s the unique things off the floor. He and Dirk and the rest of all players and staff just had a really special and unique bond, so it was something that we work at, it’s something that we firmly believe in. I think it’s a real key to our success over the years. Guys that self sacrifice, do whatever it takes to win. Those are phrases and words that all of our moms and high school coaches use, and you know what they’re true on the highest level. And when you lose somebody like that it’s awfully nice to have that face walk back into the locker room.”

On if Tyson was the missing piece this season:

“Certainly we would loved to have had in a Mavs uniform. Could he have made a difference? Quiet possibly. Personally I thought Samuel Dalembert did a really nice job, stepped up and played his best basketball at the right time. Ultimately the Spurs were a better team. The fact that we took them to seven and nobody else is that a reminder that we do have a solid good team that’s capable of doing damage in the playoffs? Yes. Is that any consolation? Absolutely not. We lost in the first round.”

More on Tyson:

“We felt like Tyson is the kind of guy that can provide consistent shot-blocking, consistent minutes, rebounds, I think, in terms of a team defender it doesn’t get much better. And he covers up a lot of sins out there in teems of guys getting beat and what-not. He’s really a perfect track mate in a lot of respects for Dirk that everyone across the board has become a better defender on the floor with the acquisition of Tyson. The coaching staff has gotten better and the management staff has certainly gotten a lot smarter. Not better looking, but at least smarter.”

On what they will miss from the players leaving:

“It hurts. Jose provided us leadership, not only shotmaking but true point guard gamesmanship. He was a terrific presence in the locker room. He’ll certainly be missed. Sam Dalembert, like I said, played his best basketball at the right time. We really didn’t have a true center besides Sam out there. He’ll certainly be missed. Wayne Ellington is a really nice up and coming player. Shane Larkin was our first-round pick last year, so it was tough to part with Shane because he’s got a promising future, but you have to give to get. Those four guys with our two second-round picks was the price and we felt it was a fair price so we pulled the trigger.”

How do you think this makes the Mavs look to prospective free agents:

“My feeling is that I’m a prospective free agent out there, we became a lot more attractive, because I don’t know many front lines that not only have that kind of punch in terms of inside outside, but also two great guys, great teammates, guys that you love to go to war with, night in and night out. That with the fact that we can accommodate a max salary this year and next makes our future bright in the here and now. It also makes it bright in the future, next year. I think the future is bright here in Dallas.”

Tyson as a recruiter for Melo:

“I can’t name names besides Dirk because he’s our own. I can only mention him on an extension basis. Regardless of the names out there, I think we became a much more viable and popular destination.”

Anticipation of acquiring a starting point guard:

“I think we’ve had a lot of success over the years in guys that went through a hard year previously. You look at Jerry Stackhouse when we acquired him. Here’s a guy that probably a lot of folks wouldn’t have touched. Nick Van Exel is another. You go down the line, we’ve done a pretty good job of bringing guys like that into the fold, having them buy in. Raymond has been through some tough times. It’s no secret that he’s made some mistakes and he wishes that he had them back. It’s not secret that he’s gone through some difficult times in New York. We certainly have the kind of locker room that has done good with those kind of players in the past. I think and I hope that Raymond will follow suit with some of the other players that we’ve dealt with in the same way. I know that he’s a good person and he’s got a big heart. We certainly did our homework. It’s certainly in the cards for him to have that kind of a year.”

On continuity:

“Continuity was important, and I think that’s a vote towards Tyson because he’s comfortable with our system. It’s hard to give up those four guys. They were a part of the fabric of our success from last year. Those decisions are aways tough. Talking to Jose in Spain, he was gracious and humble. Shane, you can go right down the list, Sam, big heart and Wayne. Wayne is the kind of guy you want your daughter to marry. Those are very special and terrific young men. But again, that was a price we thought was fair for Tyson. To get him back with the familiarity with the system, familiarity with Rick, our city, Dirk, you go right down the line. He’s our right kind of guy for the locker room. Plus the flexibility in the here and now and for the future is the reason we couldn’t say no to that deal. Again, whether we decide to go the star route or the good old-fashoned building position by position, I think we’re well-positioned to do that, because Tyson provides you with an anchor defensively and character and a guy that can cover for defensive weaknesses and whatnot. Certainly next year, we have the opportunity to be active again at a very high level in free agency. It really has the makings of some really special stuff. The one move solved a lot of problems for us because we were top heavy on some of the contractual things going into the future. It cleaned up a lot of those things and made us an attractive destination in the here and now and in the future.”

On the turnover after every season:

“Every summer is different. The guy that gets the short end of the stick is our head coach. What did he have, eight new players and nine the year before. He’s the guy that’s got to take all of the ingredients and make sweet music out of it. He’s done a masterful and terrific job, but it’s a hard job. It’s difficult to get guys, put them in positions, get them to buy in. That takes a period of time. It’s not the ideal way that we want to do things because continuity is important, but we also understand that star power is important, especially at the center position, defensive star power in this instance. We felt like the lack of continuity over the last few years is not something we want to embrace over the next five years, but a chance to get a player like Tyson made it too good to pass up.”

On the outlook of the draft:

“34 and 51 were required. The Knicks didn’t have a first or second-round pick, so those were things they were very interested in. We’ll treat the draft just like we always do. We’ll be prepared. If there’s a right situation, we’re not afraid to squeeze the trigger and look back. For us to get into the first round it’s really going to have to make a lot of sense because first-round picks go against your cap. Starting July 1, every penny is going to count. For us to do something in the first round, I would say 99.9 percent, unless something great falls into our lap, our draft will start at 31, in the second round. We’ve got some contingency plans in place and if the right players falls, we’re not afraid to pull the trigger and look back. It’s got to be the right situation, though. We’ve got a future Memphis pick that looks attractive to some teams. We have our own seconds, too. We’re not looking to mess with any of our firsts. If there’s some guy that falls into the mid-30s and we like them, we’re not afraid to put a future second-round pick on the table.”

On the surprise that they could get Tyson and help cap space:

“A big consideration for this trade was the flexibility moving forward. For as much as Jose Calderon brought to the Mavericks on the floor, seven times four is a significant number. Flexibility moving forward, especially when you’re talking about maybe putting yourself in position to get those max players, Jose is a lot of things, a terrific young player, but he’s not in that same category. So, yes, that was a consideration and a part of this trade was us gaining maximum flexibility in the hear and now, and also gaining maximum flexibility in the future.”

On the need for a 3-point threat with Jose Calderon gone:

“It’s an emphasis. It’s definitely an emphasis, and again, I can’t name names, but our focus really is to try to come to terms with some of those guys in the locker room, the guys that spent time with us the last few years, or started their career with us. Not only are those guys defensive players for us, but they’re also 3-point shooters and familiar with our system, so really free agency we’re looking to; if you can get a star you always have to look at that, and right behind that is taking care of our own guys. Every free agent period is the same, it’s fast and furious, there’s lots of names, there’s lots of scenarios, you have to try to construct a team, you have restricted and unrestricted free agents, there’s a lot of stuff going on and it all happens in a very short period of time. But, I’m pretty confident given the start of Tyson and hopefully soon to be Dirk, that that will give us a nice, solid foundation that a lot of folks are going to want to come here and play with.”

Monta Ellis’ role in all this:

“I think Monta was really a refreshing player for all of us. It took a lot of pressure off Dirk. I think Rick put him in a great position to be successful, swinging him back and forth, 2 and then the 1 in certain circumstances, he just really put him in a position to have one of the best years of his career in my opinion, so yes, there’s a lot of confidence coming into this season with that same 1-2 punch and hopefully we can add another three or four punches to go with that. I think with our system, with Rick being one of the best in the business, in my opinion, of taking guys and figuring it out on the fly, and then you;ve got Tyson as a defensive backdrop and certainly one of the best power forwards in the league to play the game and a future Hall of Famer, Dirk, and cap space, we’re positioned pretty well.”

Importance of re-signing Marion/Carter:

“It’s important. Like I said, I can’t quote-unquote name names, but guys that were in our locker room last year are guys we would love to have back in a Mavs uniform. It’s not just the product that you see on the floor, but it’s also the kind of guys that we have in our locker room. We have a real nice 1-2 punch in terms of the quickness and the athleticism, we have a nice defensive emphasis in our backcourt and so those things are certainly not lost on us.”